Healthcare Workers are Struggling

Tired and weary I wipe the tears from my eyes before walking through my front door. I can’t let my son see that I have been crying. Why the tears? Perhaps it’s because I feel helpless. Perhaps it’s because I am terrified of an enemy that appears to be winning. I imagine I am not the only one feeling this in fact I know I am not. I am just one of many healthcare workers fighting on the front lines against an invisible enemy that has the power to kill anyone it chooses whether that person be elderly, at risk or even a young healthy person. As an entry screener my job is to screen in everyone who walks through the hospital doors. Though each one has to get their temperature checked at the special ipads we have to ask them a list of questions. I wish I could say people are honest when they answer those questions but I have discovered that is not the case. The COVID cases in Pennsylvania have risen and so has the death tolls. It is bone chilling how out of hand this has gotten but when you have many who refuse to wear a mask or social distance things are going to get bad. I have seen how worn out the doctors, nurses, nurses aides, medical assistants, therapists, security guards and just the entire staff at the hospitals are. We are all at our breaking points right now. We are scared, worried and trying to figure out how to get this under control. We are trying to help whether it’s getting people seen in the ER, treating them, protecting them or trying to help those who are mentally breaking down. I can only pray that their is an end in sight.


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Destiny Pifer

Destiny Pifer is a published author who is currently a contributor for Pandemic Diaries. Her work has also appeared in various anthologies.